Community Partners for Success offers a 12 week program to allow people to update and gain new skills. The program is designed to assist unemployed and underemployed individuals on social assistance to make critical personal life changes to help them to become capable of obtaining and keeping employment. We create a small group adult education environment to focus on individual goal setting, specific skill training in courses like CPR/First Aid, WHMIS, Smart Serve and Safe Food Handling. We involve the group in discussions on Working with Customers and Co-Workers, the value in Nutrition and Nurturance, and how to get and keep a job which includes developing a useful resume and interview skills. The program also provides for a work experience component at the Resource Centre.



Trenton Location



Belleville Location

Partners for Change is offered in the Frankford, Trenton and Belleville Centres. This program is ideally suited to individuals who are currently receiving social assistance including OW or ODSP who want to develop their ability to successfully re-enter the workforce. For more information please call the Resource Centre Co-ordinator in the Centre closest to you.