The Family Support Program builds community. It provides parents the opportunity to come and engage with other parents who to might be struggling or thriving and wish to share. Family support aims to help parents find solutions within themselves to meet any parenting challenges they may be facing. The program is led by the Resource Centre Co-ordinator involving the parents to determine their unique needs and the needs of child(ren). The program is not a one-size fits all approach. Rather it aims to help families in their unique situations. During the program parenting approaches, skills and discussions will be take place, in order to better equip parents with challenges. Where possible parents may be mentored in a child care setting with our child care staff.

Topics might include child attachment, creating a safe home, nurturing your child and how to talk to kids and get them to listen. Whether you are a new parent or a seasoned one, the Family Support program provides a valuable resource.

Family Support Program is offered in the Frankford, Trenton, Stirling and Belleville Centres. For more information please call the Resource Centre Co-ordinator in the Centre closest to you.

You can download the Family Support Flyer here.